Sopot Çela

Sopot ÇelaSopot Çela in his day time works for the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) and at night is a committer on the Eclipse e4 and Vaaclipse project. He is also a contributor to the Eclipse Platform project . His interests also include M2M and IoT technologies and sometimes contributes to the Eclipse Paho project. He regularly monitors various community channels answering questions about Eclipse 4 and speaks at EclipseCon conferences. He has developed various Eclipse 4 RCP applications for internal use and for fun. His work as a committer is focused on the tooling for building Eclipse 4 RCP applications. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering. Sopot tweets @smcela.

Vaaclipse – A cool Eclipse 4 renderer on the WebSlides

Vaaclipse is an Eclipse 4 renderer in which the GUI is built using Vaadin, a web front-end GUI technology. It gives you the possibility to write web applications using all the platform features of Eclipse, like Dependency Injection, modelled workbench etc. I will demo various already-built applications which use this technology merging and also build a small example from scratch. Although a relatively new framework, it is already being used in internal projects. The presentation will benefit the attendants in showing this new way in which you can build web applications with desktop-like activities and also show the flexibility of the new Eclipse 4 Application Platform. Vaaclipse was created by Rushan Gilmulin and now we both maintain it.