Simone Cicero
Keynote Speaker

Simone Cicero Strategist, product and service designer focused on co-design, design thinking and innovation helping both startups and established organizations to thrive. He has a vast experience in services and consumer electronics industry, he’s Lean coach with deep experiences in adapting agile approaches to non-software centric contexts. Simone also runs workshops for strategy creation, product and service design, and more.
Blogger and public speaker, Program Fellow for the OuiShare Fest and founder of Hopen Think Tank in Rome. Simone also works a lot with Open Source Hardware and Distributed Manufacturing business models and strategies. Indeed he’s Co-Chair of the Open Source Hardware Summit 2014 and International Branches Chair at Open Source Hardware Association.

Open Gets RealSlides

What does it mean when the opensource paradigm goes beyond software and mixes with emerging and advanced fabrication techniques for hardware, modularity and parametric design, distributed organizations and processes and new collaborative finance opportunities?
Simone will tell us why, when Open Gets Real, the possibilities are endless and may save the world and society, at some extent.