Silvia Mazzini

Silvia MazziniSilvia Mazzini has more than twenty years of experience in the System and Software Engineering field.
She has been a senior consultant at Intecs since 1988, where she is involved both in technical leadership and management activities in the context of several international industrial and research projects. She is Methodologies and R&D Manager at Intecs. Mrs. Mazzini took his degree in computer science at Pisa University in Italy.


A new open source industry collaboration, called Polarsys, is being created at the Eclipse Foundation to focus on tools for safety critical and embedded system development. The goal of Polarsys is to build and maintain an open source tool chain that is used by organizations building safety-critical and software intensive embedded systems.
Industries such as aerospace, defense, transportation, telecommunications, energy and healthcare require development tool chains with a number of specific requirements:

  • they require advanced certification of their development tools to adhere to government and international regulations;
  • they must support for full development lifecycle, from requirements capture through to system verification, deployment and in-field support and maintenance;
  • they must last for a very long time, in some cases 30-70 years.

The participants in Polarsys will collaborate to define a tool chain to meet these demanding requirements.
Polarsys will build on the technology and innovation created in the very successful TopCased open source project of the French cluster Aerospace Valley. TopCased is a model-driven engineering environment for embedded development and satefy-critical application development. Key contributors and source code from the TopCased project will be moved into the Polarsys working group.
Polarsys will operate as a Eclipse Industry Working Group and be open to any organization interested in participating in the goals of the group.