Silvia Mazzini

Silvia MazziniSilvia Mazzini has more than twenty years of experience in the System and Software Engineering field.
She has been a senior consultant at Intecs since 1988, where she is involved both in technical leadership and management activities in the context of several international industrial and research projects.
She is Methodologies and R&D Manager at Intecs. Mrs. Mazzini took his degree in Computer Science at Pisa University in Italy.

Progress of the Polarsys InitiativeSlides

PolarSys is the industrial Open Source community for the development and maturation of tools for the engineering of embedded systems. PolarSys was created in 2012 as an Eclipse Industry Working Group, a super community starting in the aerospace domain from the TopCased project and quickly attracting other industry domains which rely a lot on embedded systems like Telecommunication.
PolarSys not only provides a state of the art infrastructure for Open Source projects, but also implements specific processes to improve projects maturity and to organize a sustainable ecosystem where industrial users and open source providers work together.
The main toolset is simply named Polarsys IDE and provides the following capabilities:
    modeling: Acceleo, EGF, EMF, CDO, OCL, Topcased (gendoc2, requirements, scripting,
      UML2C, UML2RTJ), UML/SysML with Papyrus, Xtext
    C/C++: CDT, Linux Tools
    Java: JDT, PDE
    ALM: Mylyn, Subversive, eGit
    XML: WST
The first official release of Polarsys planned for October 2013.
Intecs has been the first Italian Company to join this initiative with the purpose to promote the adoption of the Open Source technology in the context of the Italian Industry. Intecs is migrating the technology and innovation created by the ARTEMIS CHESS project to PolarSys.