Ralf Sternberg

Ralf Sternberg is the head of RAP development at EclipseSource and co-leads the RAP Eclipse project.
He has worked in the RAP core team at EclipseSource since 2007.

Modular Web and Mobile Applications with RAPSlides

The Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) is an open source project at Eclipse that provides a framework for the development of modular business applications for desktop and web. By using a powerful, multi-platform widget toolkit with SWT API, the same code can be used for desktop and web clients. Now we’ve gone a step further and enabled native clients to render SWT-based UIs on mobile devices.
Regardless of the client platform, RAP applications run on a server that communicates with its clients over HTTP. Applications can therefore be deployed on any servlet container and with the RAP OSGi integration, they can be composed of modules and communicate using the OSGi service model.

This talk will give an overview of RAP technology including a demo app that shows some of the capabilities of the new mobile support.