Paolo Russian

Paolo RussianPaolo Russian is a Java developer at TBS Group. Since 2007 he’s enrolled in the development team for phi-Technology product. Paolo is a lead developer for phi-Designer GUI, based on Eclipse GMF. Paolo has many years of experience on Jboss Seam EAP, JBPM processes, Hibernate, Flex and Flamingo. He participated to Health Level 7 conferences as representative of TBS Group, which is HL7 member. As component of phi-Technology team Paolo contributes to constant framework evolution, to satisfy user’s requirements. Other Paolo’s coding interests touch Android SDK and Actionscript games as proof of concepts.

phi-Technology – a success caseSlides

TBS Group as e-health products provider has built phi Technology framework to create modular reusable solution, with the flexibility of deep client customization, the usage simplicity of a visual tool and the power of multiple device capability with a final standard web interface.
phi-Technology is an innovative design and software application generation tool, based initially on the main international standard for healthcare applications called HL7 RIM than extended to a standard relational data infrastructure, with process driven architecture and SOA used in healthcare and public administration sectors.
phi-Designer is a Model Driven Development (MDD) environment on Eclipse EMF to visually design and generate applications for phi-RE, a runtime environment for Red Hat Jboss EAP/SOA Platform.
phi-Dictionary Manager allows to manage coded values subdivided in code systems and domain, with dictionary versioning, code translations and code extensions. Coded values are used at design time and then in runtime Environment to manage pre-defined data.
phi-Technology is a 5 year old project used in multiple international success cases; the design environment is developed with Eclipse RCP made by TBS Group team.