Mélanie Bats

Mélanie BatsMélanie Bats (committee chair) works as a software developer at Obeo. In her daily work, she is mainly focused on the development of modeling tools with Sirius (UML Designer/SysML Designer). In her free time she is interested in Arduino stuff and contributes some Eclipse plugins for cross compilation. She is also a free software activist who has organized and participated in free software events in the Toulouse area.

Sirius: build diagram, table and tree editors in 20 minutes!

Sirius is an official Eclipse Project based on a mature, field-proven technology. It allows the easy and rapid development of custom graphical modeling workbenches (diagrams, tables and trees) by leveraging the Eclipse Modeling technologies, including EMF and GMF. For now more than 4 years, Sirius has been deployed and improved in operational and intensive contexts.
In Thales, it is the foundation of model driven engineering workbenches used worldwide by hundreds of engineers in different domains such as Avionics, Space, Transportation, Radars or Communications.
It is the core of several Obeo products, commercial or open source (UML, SysML, TOGAF, BPMN, Etc.). It is the foundation of the new EcoreTools 2.0.
This talk gives an overview of the main Sirius features and shows how it can be used to create custom tooling for your own business or engineering domain. It takes the form of a customer-consultant role-playing game with a live demo of Sirius illustrating: How to use Sirius to create custom graphical modelers (diagram, table and tree editors) based on a given domain model (Ecore). The numerous customization mechanisms provided by Sirius to implement specific needs (conditional styles, filters, layers). The resulting Sirius modeling environment, ready to be delivered to end-users. Sirius 1.0 will come with Eclipse Luna.