Luca Sarra

Luca SarraLuca Sarra is a software developer at Sanmarco Informatica S.p.A. Reseach and Development center. Since 1998 he has been developing the base framework of the principal marketed product of the Company. In the last 5 years he designed and developed the base framework using the Rich Client Platform of Eclipse.
His other fields of interest are Android platform and Java EE. He has a degree in mathematics from the University of Padova.

How build commercial quality RCP applicationsSlides

Eclipse represents a scalable technology with which high quality products can be easily and promptly designed, developed and distributed. This presentation highlights how a Software House can build graphical applications in a simple, standardized and productive way. The study of the main models of representation and manipulation of data allows to extend the tools provided by the Rich Client Platform of Eclipse by creating sophisticated graphical objects that are independently able to specialize their behavior according to appropriate content providers. Moreover, these content providers can be generated automatically instructing a specific machine in a declarative way without writing any code. The appearance and the behavior of the graphic interface is then stored permanently in a database that then becomes an asset that can be used again by a different implementation of the rendering machine.