Lorenzo Bettini

Lorenzo BettiniLorenzo Bettini is a Researcher (Assistant Professor) in Computer Science at Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Torino.
His research interests are design, theory and implementation of programming languages (in particular Object-Oriented languages and Network aware languages).
Home page: http://www.lorenzobettini.it

EMF Components: a toolbox for UI parts built on EMFSlides

EMF together with JFace, databinding and persistence implementations, allows to build powerful model-based UI parts. However, setting up and assembling all these technologies still requires both deep knowledge of most internal details and a considerable amount of time.
In this talk we present EMF Components, a new Eclipse project proposal, that provides a set of reusable UI components based on EMF (e.g., trees, tables, forms, views and editors), hiding most of the complexity of internal details, yet highly customizable in a quick way (via dependency injection).
We also provide a DSL in order to make all of the above tasks even easier and in a very compact form. The DSL is implemented in Xtext, thus, it comes with rich and powerful IDE tooling.