Lorenzo Bettini

Lorenzo Bettini is a Researcher (Assistant Professor) in Computer Science at Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Torino. His research interests are design, theory and implementation of programming languages (in particular Object-Oriented languages and Network aware languages).
Home page: http://www.lorenzobettini.it

Dietmar Stoll

Dietmar Stoll works as a consultant and coach for Itemis in Zurich, Switzerland. His main interests are model driven software development (MDSD), Eclipse modeling technologies and Domain Specific Languages (DSL), especially Xtext.

Type system frameworks for XtextSlides

With today’s tools and frameworks, building domain specific languages (DSLs) has become increasingly popular and constructing languages for complex domains has become viable. However, complex DSLs may require advanced checking capabilities, as they usually include expressions and types. Type system frameworks offer reusable checking facilities for DSLs and may dramatically reduce the effort for writing constraints.
This talk compares different type system frameworks for Xtext 2, a popular Eclipse-based DSL framework.