Ivan Inozemtsev

Ivan InozemtsevIvan Inozemtsev is currently leading a development team of Xored Q7 – product for automated UI testing of Eclipse-based applications.
His past experience in Xored includes leading development of F4 – open-source IDE for Fantom programming language, and participation in various customer Eclipse-based products since 2006.
He has a master degree in physics from Novosibirsk State University.


UI test automation: from installation to continuous integration in 20 mins

UI tests are often considered as a serious commitment which requires weeks of effort of highly qualified professionals (the most valuable resource) for learning tools, creating initial test suite and integrating into existing build process. And the outcome is very doubtful – few UI tests which do not cover sufficient amount of functionality with a lot of false negatives. As a result, it is no wonder that most development teams, especially small ones, do not even consider UI testing as part of their quality assurance process.

Using the right tool can change things drastically. What if you have a tool which allows anyone from a team to create robust and stable UI tests just in minutes? What if UI test automation effort is in the same order of magnitude as manual testing effort?

Just in 20 minutes I am going to show how to create several UI tests from scratch and execute them in continuous integration environment.