Fabio Santini

Fabio SantiniWhen I was 12 years old my mother bought me the legendary Commodore 64. In the first two months I simply played Scramble, Girus, Zaxxon, Andrew Spencer up to destroy infinite joystick with the Olympic Games (do you remember the 10,000 meters ? ). One day my brother came home with a GW Basic programming book and from that day I understood what I wanted to become: a firefighter. Events instead brought me to develop software with many languages, from DB3 to Clipper, from Turbo C++ to Visual Basic for DOS until Windows came to the market. One day I said to a colleague: Windows has no future, the dos is much better. In fact I began to work with Visual Basic 3.0 and Microsoft Visual C++ . I was often involved developing application both Visual Basic and Visual C++ and in I spent 7 years on developing software for mobile devices. In 2001 I joined Microsoft to play the role of the .NET Developer Evangelist and I spent the first 4 years supporting community of developers on the .NET Framework. Then I moved to the small and medium-sized business division passing to the dark side of the force (system infrastructure) where I covered the role of director of channel partners. After three years I thought I should go back to my old love, development, code, Visual Studio and everything that create software focusing my attention on the new Microsoft Cloud, Windows Azure. Now I am a Senior Developer Evangelist in the Developer and Platform Evangelism group reporting to Corporation supporting partners in adopting Windows Azure.


Build and Deploy Java application on Windows Azure cloud platform with Eclipse

In this session we will see how to develop and deploy Java application for the Cloud using Eclipse. We will cover what Windows Azure is, what kind of features and services are available for developers to build high scalable and reliable applications and how open is the platform that allow Java developers to leverage the platform and build great Cloud application Eclipse. Microsoft built a great support for Java and tools integrated in Eclipse to simplify the development process, the use of the local environment and the deployment on the Cloud.