Cristiano De Alti

Cristiano De AltiCristiano De Alti is a Principal Software Developer in Eurotech S.p.A. For the last two years he has worked to the development of the Everyware Cloud M2M platform as well as to the Everyware Software Framework (soon to be released in open source as Eclipse Kura). Working to Eurotech Cloud he has acquired good skills on cloud platforms, Java web technologies and Java containers for embedded devices (OSGi). He has good expertise on embedded systems, especially in the area of firmware development for microcontrollers, embedded Linux distributions and wireless sensor networks. He received his degree in electronic engineering at the University of Padua.

Eclipse Kura: an introduction.Slides

The pace of M2M seems to have no bounds however despite its visibility and apparent success, industry adoption is still constrained by disparate implementations and proprietary solutions. The emergence of a service gateway model running modern software stacks, operating on the edge of an M2M deployment as an aggregator and controller, has opened up the possibility of enabling enterprise level technologies to the world of M2M. Advanced software frameworks, which abstract and isolate the developer from the complexity of the hardware and the networking sub-systems, re-define the development and re-usability of integrated hardware and software solutions. Born out of Eurotech’s M2M experience, this talk discusses and demonstrates Eclipse Kura where Java and OSGi technologies meet to solve age-old solution recycling to accelerate M2M engagements.