Christian Götz

Christian GötzChristian Götz is building IoT & M2M solutions at dc-square, which he also co-founded. He is part of the MQTT community, writes articles and speaks at conferences about IoT, M2M and MQTT. Before specializing in building scalable and open solutions for mobile messaging, push notifications and other use cases, he gained experience in requirements engineering, designing and implementing custom business applications in Java and JavaEE. Feel free to contact Christian on Twitter (@goetzchr) or his blog


MQTT with Eclipse Paho: A protocol for IoT and M2M communication

Our digital world is growing rapidly and we have more devices connected to the internet than ever. On top of that each second 80 new devices are added, which introduces new challenges to communication between these devices. MQTT is a lightweight and scalable protocol that shifts the request/response paradigm of the web as it is today to an event-driven publish and subscribe architecture, which is a perfect fit for Internet of Things and M2M use cases. This talk answers the following three questions: Why do we need a paradigm shift, HTTP has been proven to be a good fit for the web? What is MQTT and how does it help to overcome the challenges we have today? How can everybody build their own MQTT application with the Eclipse Paho implementation? In the last part we will dive into the Eclipse Paho code and round up the talk with an live demonstration.