Benjamin Cabé
Keynote Speaker

Benjamin CabéBenjamin Cabé is IoT evangelist at the Eclipse Foundation. He advocates the use of open and innovative technologies for the Internet of Things and likes building crazy machines with Arduino kits and all kinds of open hardware platforms. You can find him online on Twitter (@kartben) or on his blog:

The Renaissance of connected machinesSlides

Florence has been the cradle of the Renaissance around the 14th century. It’s amusing to think that another Renaissance happened in Italy several hundred years later, in 2005, this time in the world of connected marchines. The Arduino board was created and ignited an incredibly rich community of makers, developers, and industrials who all cooperate for building the core of the things that surround us.
There are actually many options for building connected solutions today, and Benjamin will discuss the importance of having a vivid open source ecosystem around IoT to ensure that key aspects like developer adoption and interoperability are not left aside.
The talk will feature a cool demonstration of some of the technologies that are available in the Eclipse IoT open-source community