Alfonso Nocella

Alfonso NocellaAlfonso Nocella is a Sr. Software Engineer at Maveryx, where he leads the development of the SDK for Java. He joined Maveryx after a stage, as tester, on embedded projects for the telecom market at ST Microelectronics. He teaches courses on test automation and he is speaker at conferences and universities. Currently Alfonso is focusing on mobile test automation, particularly for Android.

Testing Java Applications with MaveryxSlides

Successful test automation requires getting an early start in the software lifecycle. This is not possible in case of UI-based applications due to the so-called “UI Maps”: static representations of the windows and controls that are in the user interface. UI Maps must be provided a-priori to the test tool in order to create and run the tests. This make impossible to develop the automated tests early, in parallel to software development. And if the user interface changes these maps must be often re-captured.
The aim of this talk is to show the experience of Maveryx, an eclipse-based functional test tool. Differently from all other tools, Maveryx does not require any map: just code and go! UI objects are uniquely identified directly at runtime, during tests execution, by an “expert system”. This system has been reinforced with fuzzy matching algorithms that allow finding the test objects even in case of partial, lacking or misspelled information, or if the objects have changed since test creation. This talk begins by introducing the concepts behind Maveryx by giving a demonstration of the tool and its integration into the test and development process.